Sunday, March 21, 2010

Injury Bug Meltdown: March 2010'

Christobell Paul is allegedly returning this week after missing close to a whopping 2 months with a Kneejerk. Every day he sits is a step closer to callin it quits this year, why risk more injury if Nawlins isnt gonna make the playoffs? Cee Pee Pleeeeease.

David Lee missed Friday's game against Iggy & the sev-sixes but came back with a Monstrosity of a line sunday with 27-20-6 with a sexy steal and 2 sexy blocks.

Tony 'the housewife' Parker is desperate to goose Fanarchy once more and big Pop is rumored to want him back soon. Till then Manu will continue to feast.

Anthony Randolph's life is clearly over. Don Nelson can't even remember who he is.

Tyreke Evans got mauled on friday and missed OT, they all said season ender but its looking like just a week and sum. In the meantime read reignfan's last post.

Deron Williams appeared to be horribly injured last night in NOLA (sporting ice packs on what appeared to be every single limb), but it didn't stop him from putting up a breathy 17-11-4 with 3 dicey thefts. I wish all my playas played through the pain.

Marky-Marc Gasol is toying with the idea of sitting out the rest of the season with a strained muscle in his neck. He's missed the last 3. We all hope it doesnt go down like this.

Gerald Wallace & Joe Johnson both came back sizzeling after being sidelined multiple days.

Next post we present an exclusive interview with Josh Smith. Maybe a webcam.

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