Tuesday, March 23, 2010

C's who shoot 3's

Dudes who are sharp from beyond the arc. Talls who are on call for the long ball. Pivots that are sound from downtown. Peeps who can shoot there balls from deep. Men in the middle who are very good.....at long range shooting....indeed......? Whatever you wanna call these modern day "supermen" who defy the odds by being more than just stately, you certainly can't call them short-ranged. The big man with the outside shot has become a fantasy staple as the game has evolved and we at the bear wanted to take look at who's been helping the cause this season:

New Bloods and Young cubs:

Channing Frye:
Coming out of fucking no where, Channing began the season with a blistering 2.5 3's per game in the last 3 months of 2009. He was shooting 43% from deep and everyone who decided to take a flier after pick 160 was shitting there fantasy pants with fantasy excitement. Alvin Gentry decided to cut his minutes in 2010 though, resulting in Chan-man getting under 25 minutes per. He stills tosses in more than 1.5 per though at a roughly 45% clip, sitting him at 149 treys on the season, good for 3rd overall.

Andrea Bargnani:
A quality rebounder he is not. As Jose Calderon is to defence, 'Drea is to rebounding, but thats not that the point. The point is that 'Nani has been launching 4 tries a game this year from far away and making 1.5 of those tries. Consistency is not his specialty quite yet, as he's had a bit of a down march, but has managed to lower his to's month to month. After shooting 40% from balls deep and 83% from the stripe last year, his 3pt and ft percentage (suspicious) are both down a little to 36% and 76%. But overall he's doing a healthy 47.5% from the floor to go with a brisk 1.3 blocks a game.

Anthony Tolliver:
Another out-of-fucking nowhere guy who has exploded under Nellie's watchful gaze. Big Tony Tolliver has been bombing 5 3's a game in march hitting 36%! For a random d-leaguer, call me impressed. In fact Tolly can call me to hang out and talk about playing for Galatasaray in the turkish super lig. Will he be around next season? He's started 20 games for the W's but there's no guarantees in Nellie ball.

Kevin Love:
Kevins splits on the season are actually pretty interesting. He's been shooting way better coming off the bench, yet turning the ball over more. He's going 38.8 percent from deep, which is nice, but doing 45% from the floor, not so nice.

Spencer Hawes:
He loves tryin em folks, but doing a lowly 30% on 86 attempts this season is hogwash. His minutes have been down this season, so the numbers act accordingly. We'll have to wait and see who the sactown royalty want to pair with Tyreke for the future. Landry? Thompson? Hawes?

Ryan Anderson:
A pleasant surprise early in the season when he was filling in for the suspended Rashard Lewis, Mad Dog Madsen....er...Anderson started 6 games for the Magix and put up 15 pts, 5 boards and 2.8 3's on 43% shooting! Twas not to be though as Moshard quickly repented and Ryans minutes fell to under 20 per. Maybe some year Ryan, maybe next year?

Old-School, Old Bears:

Al Harrington:
Al never met a shot he didn't like, as far as I can tell. He's a chucker who never really wanted to rely on a post game and as early as his second year in Atlanta he kind of decided, why the fuck not? He's a little undersized for the C spot but but has been playing lots of it in the fantasy friendly towns of Oakland and new New York. He's good for about 2 per this year on a very chucker like 33.6%. I'm a little surprised that his career fg% over all is actually about 45% since he looks so stylish in gray.

Rasheed Wallace:
Wallace has been Sheed bombing it ever since his last years in Portland and not much has changed. The Celts don't need heavy minutes from him this year, but he still insists on taking four 3's a game in 22 minutes on the court, making about 1. Don't ask about his percentages...

Mehmet Okur:
A bit of a down year for the husband of a turkish beauty queen. His mpg has dipped to under 30 for the first time in 5 seasons and the pts, rbs, and 3's have dropped accordingly. He's checking in on his career 3pt% avg of 37%. Overall, Memo sbeen a bit of a pants kicker this year. Picking it up in march to the tune of 15 pts, 8 boards and 50% floor shooting though, it'll be interesting to see how this year end for Big Turk.

Troy Murphy:
Oh mama! Bring me home troy! Bring me home! There's not alot to dislike about Murphs game these days. He's playing like you hoped he would when you drafted him in the mid 30's. 14/10 with 1.8 3's, low to's and nice %'s (47/39/79) What more is there to fantasy life?

Matt Bonner:

The red bombardier has always had the distance to his his shot and nothing's changed, as his march is littered with puppies and 3's. 1.8 of them per game to be exact. He's made 1.5 per game in his last two year in SA and the shooting's been sound too. (44% from the arc last year, 41% this year) But Matty has always been one of those hustle players who is never gonna see a starting role unless it's for the first 20 minutes. Nonetheless, we hear @ the bear love Boner, and all the Boners of the world.

Brad Miller:

Brads Never really been a great long balled, but not for lack of trying as he's attempting 1 and a half of them this year. on 29.8 %. nuff said.

Brian Scalabrine:
He's sooooo good. Haha!

Anyone else you readers think has the tools for 3 school? Hit me up in the comments.

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