Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nice work Manu!

Lets get one thing straight first of all, I dont like you Manu, never have. I dont like your face, I dont like the Spurs, i'm completely disgusted by your hair piece (alleged hair piece). But sweet fancy moses, i'll be damned if your fantasy viability doesnt tickle me right up in no mans land. Wherever these assists are coming from I do not care, i'll take em. And the 3's... my god the 3's. The steals this Argentinian are bringing in are effective to say the least. Fuckin guy even blocks effectively, and the rebounds are solid enough of a shooting guard to make an impact. Not to mention 86% free throws on the year. I seriously hate to admit it, but Manu has almost earned the rank of sex mongloid lately. Keep up the good work champ, you rock another month of these kind of stats and i'll personally mail you a six month supply of Rogaine.

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