Sunday, March 7, 2010

3's On Sale Now at K-Mart!

Holy fuck, who took this picture?

Kevin Martin has boarded the 3ptm banana boat down in Houston and is not looking back, laying down as many from behind the arc in the the last 3 games as he did in all of February. Yahoo loves 3's and if thats your vehicle to fantasy then I would not hesistate to get K-Smart.

Mike Miller is getting lots of credit for his production beyond the arc but Mikey hasn't hit 15 points in 8 games.

Q-Rich blew up on march 4th against the Lakers, but we all know he's an injury prone douchebag who can't be trusted.

J.R. Smitty has the 2nd most 3's in the league in the last 10 days, but make sure your sitting down when you notice its 21 made on 49 attempted.

Courtney Lee is 7 for 10 in the last 2.

Ray Allen's been jerkin us around.
And Corey Maggette thankfully doesnt shoot any.

Staring back at the Maggette in the Mirror

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