Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get Fucked Turkoglu

So big Turk, whats the deal? What's goin on here? Last I checked you were flapping those pizza consuming gums about not getting enough touches, complaining that Jay 'the main vein' Triano was letting Jarrett Jack and Calderon run the show from point. I mean, they are solid point guards right? Jack more than Calderon at the moment, but still, they're point guards, its what they are paid to do. So what happened when Triano worked in more touches for you? Hmmm? I watched you fumble and turn the ball over like you were scared of it with my own eyes multiple times big guy. Does anyone really give a fuck how much of a playmaker you were in Orlando? Anyone at all? The rouse you've created of high scoring games in the past 3 has NOT fooled me Turk. Jarrett Jack wants to be there, as does Calderon, and I think it's pretty clear that you can't wait to start putting back 6 packs of sprite and cheese pizzas on the reg like you did all summer. Christ sakes, your such an unwholesome addition to a team I consider sacred. GET FUCKED.

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