Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cisco Garcia, living the vida loca?!?!?!

Tyreke Evans is concussed and therefore Francisco Garcia is temporarily in the starting 5 for the Sactown Queens. He and last decade's r&b sensation sisqo share one thing in common, whether it be through providing succulent 3-point shooting and defensive stats, or by providing Foxy Brown remixed videos, both produce the arousal effect of viagra to fanstasy and thong enthusiasts alike. Cisco doesn't need to be a starter to contribute either, he plays well off the bench and is a 1-1-1 threat. In fact he's blocked a shot in his last 6 games. Toss in nice %'s and you've got yourself dumps like a truck.. I mean a solid roto value. Thighs like what.


  1. Benice Udrih went bonkers!

  2. Props to anyone who scavanged the wires for him early