Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daily rundowns after the sundown!

In order to prevent the vast majority of readers (approx 62.3 million) from running head first into traffic, we gotta do these damn daily run downs, sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen (I know... mostly ladies).

What do we have here, lets see....

Johnny Salmons flipped his wig with a dashing 32pts, i'll take a 12-19 from the floor anyday John. Joe Johnson spanked the stat sheet in the same Hawks loss, shelving a tasty 27-6-3 with 13-25 shooting, while the rest of Atlanta didnt really clock anything noteworthy (aside from J-Smooths 4 B's).

Dwighty put up his standard 23-15 (sadly now being something Zach Randolph would scoff at) with 2 blocks against the 'Sweet' Lou Will - Thadd Master - AI - less Sixers. Iggy and Elton "John" Brand had big games (id say its about time EB) but its notable that Brandon Bass had a shittier line than Jason Kapono. I guess the time to kill Bass is now.

Sex Condo Wade flirted with yet another triple trouble line while for some reason Jermaine O'No! had a nice line in the same game (25-9-3). And....I didnt even look at Jersey's box score. Im dedicated, but not THAT dedicated.

Ginobili continues to beast while George Mafucka toughed out 35 min under the big Pop for a nasty 27 points. Don't stare directly at Durantula's line either, you'll go blind.

CHRIS PAUL returned to action against Mark Cuban (solely) if only for 20 min and 11 pts. Its a start my man. Dirk shit the bed (by Dirk standards) with 16pts and as many TO's as anything else, it was up to Jason Terry and his brand new face to keep the Mavs within 20 points in theyre loss. Darren Collison with yet another nice game (16-8-4 + some peripherels), where is his viability headed with CP3 back?

Derrick Rose pulled a D-Wade on Houston (27-7-8) and beat a win out of the Argentenian long hair.
Aside from poor FT% he has been on a tear in the last 2 games.

The Raps squeeked one past the easily beatable Timberwolves, kinda sad watching that game, nothing really fantasy relevent and you get the feeling even Minnesota is embarressed about they're team. But Jarrett Jack's 8 assists launched me up in the standings in a respective league so I was hard the whole time.

Glen 'Baby Face/Fetish' Davis was the 2nd leading scorer for Boston last night in they're 13pt loss to Utah. So lets not even worry about them. Fucking BROOOOOOTAL! Every player in the Jazz's starting lineup aside from Wesley "who the fuck is this?" Matthews had sextacular lines though, with special consideration for Mehmet & Deron.

Memphis ran a train on the Tyreke-less Kings, Zach Randolph putting up 25-12-3. Kinda weird, i've come to expect so much from Zach that im really not impressed nor anywhere close to satisfied unless he does 35-20 anymore. High hopes, modest hopes, but it keeps a man alive. Beno continues to run naked through the forest (back court) with Tyreke out.

Phoenix at Golden State ended up 133-131. Just fucking IMAGINE the crazy ass lines these teams let go down.

Well if your in a head 2 head league ran by Yahoo, its playoff time, next up we examine emails from our overbearing multitude of readers to find out what their stratagies are. Who'd dey play? Who'd dey sit?

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