Friday, March 19, 2010

Nene Hilarious!

Whose afraid of Nene Hilario? I am for sure. But dashingly handsome bloggers aside, it appears as if the Hornets are too. It looked like New Orleans (David West included) were terrified of driving the lane to find this reverse apache master in the key, who finished with a David 'dont tase me bro' Lee-like line. He's being criminally charged for theiving the rock 5 times and blocking it thrice. Nene has been loosing his mind from the field lately, shooting under 50% only once in March and a tasty fifty niner average on the year. His D is without question but his assists are whats unexpectedly sexy, the forward-center puttin in work for 2.5 per. Melo-yellow had a thicky as well last night with 26-18-4, but the big shot, Dr. Cock & Balls, Chauncey 'the grime' Billups wasted a start for everyone, 2-12 from the floor, proving to be as useless as lips on an asshole. Chauncey doesnt have long before he's done fantasy wise, 2 years tops.

But in the end, its Nene Hilarity that stole the night (well, D-wade too with his monster effort, but its so late in the day everyone already heard about it). Keep an eye on Nene, this year has been a major fantasy culture shock for us & him.

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