Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All-Star Break

A time to reflect on the first half, also a time to rest for a few days and forget about the onslaught of pressure, drama, hatred, tears and pain that came with the first half. Most of us use this hiccup in the regular season as a time to assess where we stand in our respective leagues. Zach Randolph and valentines day are just around the corner, but we all know then when it comes to fantasy, the love is not in the air. Only the bitter taste of CP3's surgury lingering on our tongues. Whatever the cause may be, the injury bug has not had a serious impact on me as of yet so ill wait till a later blog to discuss the sorrow and hidden opportunities that come with a man down.

Although, speaking of injuries, or more specifically, speaking of Portland, id like to talk about Andre Miller for a second. He's older, he's haunted, he's ahead of his time. Ok, so maybe he's not completely ahead of his time, or maybe not at all, but we all remember the 52 point banger with 71% fg he threw down against Dallas on January 30th. Understandably this excited lots of owners, for obvious reasons, but lets not forget, as it stands, Andre's current o-rank is a purely a product of Brandon Roy's injury. Take his gamelog back to november and december and you'll see what I mean. Portland has become an anomoly these days thanks to an unlucky, and overwhelming spout of injuries. Andre Miller is running the show and the only big man available is that douchebag Juwan Howard. And lets face it, Juwan Howard should by all rights have zero fantasy relevence at all. Now while Andre isnt the dime dropping machine he was last year in Philly, it wasnt expected of him with Roy fronting the team, but it was reasonably assumed that he'd be good for a handful of assists if drafted circa round 6 through even 10, and 6 is being generous. Keep an eye on him for now, but when Roy retains his rightful spot as starting PG then Andre's lines will certainly go back to the way they were at the start of the year. The dark times I call it, a greasy multitude of 4-4-3 games.

One more thing I wanted to touch on real quick was the man himself, Gerald Wallace. An uncontrollable, unquenchable pyscho-sexual orgy of numbers from all corners of the stat sheet, this monster has had fantasy GM's singing in the shower since october. What's interesting about Gerald is the way his fantasy value has shifted over the years. From leading the league in steals, averaging 2.5 a game, as well as 2.5 blocks, with virtually no field goal percentage at all in 2005/06, too leading the league in boards for the first 2 months this year and cleaning up his shooting game, he has been there and done that. Almost doubling the amount of rebs per game since 2007/08, his fantasy value has kept him ranked top 30 by yahoo through all major changes to his game. Tack on his first all star appearance and his return to the dunk comp this year, keep the FG% at an alltime best and we could be talking serious mental fantasy basketball illness. So Gerald, you sex panther you, lets stay healthy, stop chasing balls into the stands, and keep this party bus of a gamelog going.

Get real Wally

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