Sunday, February 14, 2010

Get Fucked Daniel Gibson

Mo Williams, out 3-4 weeks, probably more, that leaves Cleveland with 2 sub par options, then the lesser of the 2 evils Delonte West goes down with a broken finger. What are we left with?? In a perfect world we're left with starting minutes that lead to a 3 point fuck fest, a tasty sack of steals and a handful of assists. In the real world, time and time again, we're left with Daniel Gibson passing point guard duty to Lebron amongst other feats the king has to conquer. Yahoo fucking loves Gibson and its got to do with 3's. But lets face it, in a league where 3pt attempts are counted, Boobie will ravage you everytime. All this guy does is jack up 3's with no regard for a quality fg%. Deeper leagues might have a spot for this guy and those wack things he shaves into his head on they're rosters, but even with the opportunity to shine, Daniel Gibson is as useless as a 'Dont Piss On The Seat' sign in a 7-11 bathroom. We all miss you Mo Williams.

Boobie your FG% is SHAAAT

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