Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going into the break: Nice Work Jarred Jeffries!

Dude is averaging a combined 2.5 blocks and stls since he was moved to starter back in early december and that shit does not grow on trees. A players value can be greatly increased just by his defense in fantasy and we here @ bearsketball just wanted to give a shout out to some of the unsung heroes of fantasy defence.


Joel Anthony:
A year ago Chris Anderson was being lauded for his abilities to swat shots in minimal playing time. Around 2.5 in about 20 minutes per. Great, grand, wonderful. The canadian Joel Anthony has been doing a 1.4 blocks/per clip for 3 years, playing a little less than 17 minutes a game for his career! That translates to roughly 60-70 blocks fer 36 minutes by my calculations. Mans a beast.

Tyrus Thomas:
We all know and love Tyrus, he was fun to own last year and this year has been a bit of an injured douche bag. But looking @ his game log this year would throw anyone into fits of defensive pleasure. He hasn't really got the consistent PT so far, but his games are still peppered with healthy block and steal totals, despite avg. about 22 minutes per.

Ronny Turiaf:
You can basically just go back and read what I said about Joel Anthony here, because Ronny is a frenchman who knows how to reject shots when he's on the court. He can even score sometimes, but not from outside the 3 point line, so Don Nelson hates him.

Ben Wallace:
Who else? Uncle Ben has made a fantasy career outta being a man possesed on defense. In his prime he was nearing five, (5!) combined blocks and steals! Despite not scoring, not having an impact on fg% and being one of the worst FT shooters of all time, Biggy Ben still swatted and swiped (ok, and rebounded) his way to being a top 10ish, 15ish fantasy selection for every year he was in detroit. Epic.

Coming up next: Stls!

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