Friday, February 25, 2011

Nice Work Kenyon Martin!

Chavez here looks to be playing the role of beneficiary now that Melo & Dr. Cock & Balls scooted town. After spending the entire first half (and more) on the bench nursing an injury, pondering whether or not he should consider the fact that Sheldon Williams momentarily assumed his role a kick in the junk, Kenyon is back! Still only owned in 9% of Yahoo! leagues, now would be the time to sink your bear paws deep. The (former?? who knows..?) Fantasy Beasts from NY (Felton, Chandler and Gallinari) are gonna need a game or two to settle into Denver, Nene finds himself in lots of foul trouble lately, and we all know Al Harrington is a bum, so Kenyon should be seeing lots of time and should be a center piece in George Karl's offense, at least temporarily.

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