Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mario Chalmers in Heat

...and looking to mate.

Mario Chalmers has strung 3 straight double digit point efforts together recently, accompanied by all the 3's and steals that managers came to love in his rookie year and could be the new face of weekly waiver wire pick up articles across the webs if he can maintain some shadow of consistency. No one expected Super Mario to do much this year in the 3 kings offense. It was last year that he was supposed to build on the momentum of a promising rookie campaign, when he was a solid contributor with averages of 1.4 three's, 2 steals 32 minutes and 4.9 assists. To no ones surprise, he hasn't done much this year. The only positive trending statistic in his 3 year career is his decrease in turnovers that usually accompany a lack of minutes and touches. Having been gifted the starting role of point guard against the Raptors way back in January, Chalmerisis has actually been a decent source of 3's (1.2/per) and steals (1.2/per) ever since joining the starting five. He hasn't hurt your FG% either shooting damn near 50% as a starter. Sustainable? Probably not. Worthy of a pick up? One more game and the bear will too tempted by the stench of youth and picnic baskets to resist.

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