Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NBA Fantasy: Deep Waiver Wire: Category Specialists

The Bear has woken from his slumber to point out to me that players with relatively low ranks on the season can still have some nice value in deeper leagues if they can impact a single category like Batman impact Robins ability get with the ladies. We are gonna take a look at the counting stats because FG%, Turnovers and FT% are all relative (take that science). And we like our leagues deep, so deep you just dropped Earl Boykins to pick up Eddie House.

Let's start with the category most roto-cubs would attack a game warden to get:

Player, Stat, (% Owned)

Blocks: Larry Sanders 1.3/game (1%), Ed Davis 1.1/game (8%) Joel Anthony 1.6/game (4%), Taj Gibson 1.6/game (29%), Ronny Turiaf 1.1/game (10%), Chris Anderson 1.0/game (12%), Ben Wallace 1.0/game (12%)

The list for deep league blocks looks like a who's who of mediocre back-up centers. It's a mix of young bucks that have some nice upside (Gibson, Sanders, Davis) career role players (Turiaf, Anderson, Anthony) and once greats (Ben Wallace). Chances are pretty good these guys are already taken if your league is deep enough. Larry Sanders is the only one left in my 18 team roto league and he's logged all of 22 minutes in February. Bone chilling.

:Tony Allen 1.7/game (6%), Corey Brewer 1.6/game (15%), Derek Fisher 1.5/game(12%), Thabo Sefelosha 1.4/game (11%), Ronnie Brewer 1.4 (12%), Tony Douglas 1.2/game(14%)

Sometimes you really have to choke on some trout bones if you wanna get those sweet steals baby. In Corey Brewers case, it's FG%. In Derek Fishers case, it's also FG%. But in the curious case of Tony Douglas its....FG%. Fuck. Tony Allen is the real steal asset here as he's been thieving rocks like a mad man.

: Rudy Fernandez 1.5/game (17%) James Jones 1.5/game (15%) Peja Stojakovic 1.8/game (6%), Jodie Meeks 1.7/game (5%), Gary Neal 1.5/game (4%) Matt Bonner 1.8/game (4%) James Posey 1.5/game (1%)

3's are really the easiest category to get off the wire as James Posey willingly demonstrates every night by taking 4 of his 5 shots a night from deep. Peja got the start for Mavs the other night and barring a shake-up he could see some value if all he has to do is chuck. Rudy Fernandez has put together a little consistency over his last 3, but with Brandon Roy looming on the horizon, his value is gonna be 3 limited. I'm going to go pick up Jodie Meeks right now.

: Kendrick Perkins 8.4/game (30%), Jeff Foster 7.2/game (3%) Chuck Hayes 6.8/game (39%) Kwame Brown 6.8/game (12%), Ed Davis 6.2/game(8%) Kurt Thomas 5.8/game (6%)

Rebounds is a tough one. You really have to scrap the bottom of the barrel for losers. Losers that make enough money to put me through that magicians college if Jeff Foster would just answer my letters.... Ed Davis makes his second appearance in this rundown as he's widely available and a contributor in blocks and rebounds. Chuck Hayes and Kendrick Perkins ownership should see a rise as they are gifted more and more playing time. I'm a little surprised that more owners haven't taken a run at Kwame Brown as he's been about 8/8 on 50% since he got the start for the Bobcats in late December. Jeff Foster and Kurt Thomas are the real deep league specials here. They take a separate bus to games and make crafts with crayons and scissors that can't cut anything but paper hearts.

: Jordan Farmar 4.4/game (8%), Johnny Flynn 3.6/game (16%), Jose Juan Barrea 3.3/game (5%) Jarred Blayless 3.5/game (3%)

Assists is another tough one. Jarred Blayless and JJ Barrea are difficlut to recommend because their playing time is so erratic. Upstairs Johnny Flynn might be a nice add as long as Luke Ridnour is out and Jordan Farmer is acutally a nice pick up who can help you rack up some dimes off the bench. But c'mon, any player that can help you in assists is already taken.

Thanks for tuning in, next week we take a look at the all-star game and I start drinking again. Has my hiatus been long enough to give me alcohol poisoning? We'll find out!


  1. I'm a member of the JJ Barea fan club and it pains me to see his name spelled with 2 r's.

    Anybody see that Kardashian skit on SNL last saturday?

    No? Nevermind.

  2. I also describe him as "difficlut" to recommend

  3. Great article. I read it twice. Most of my picks, however, don't rack up enough penalty minutes. How do I fix that??!!