Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Between Your Lip and Your Nose: Must-Stash Rookies

Midway through this year it has become evident that we are bearing witness to the inaugural seasons of a couple potential, if health permits (John Wall), hall of famers.
Blake Griffin... there is nothing to say.
What's less evident is that at this point in the season many rookies are on the cusp of becoming fantasy relevant. While the likes of Cousins (INEFFICIENT), Favors and Evan Turner were likely drafted with high expectations, the reality has been disturbing. Fear not though, this years rookie class has some diamonds in the rough who may yet prove to be fantasy lifesavers.

Make sure you check that lifesavers link.

Greg Monroe: Detroit's finally doing the right thing and starting G-Mo over grizzled fantasy legend Ben Wallace. In 8 games this month he's put up 4 dub-doubles, failed to score in double digits only once, and swiped the ball 19 times. The Pistons will surely blow up their roster soon and give their youngsters (Austin Daye is a sophomore mustache) some run.

Evan Turner: Andre Iguodala is good at many things, one being ruining his teammate's production. Once Iggy's shipped to the Galapagos it will free up minutes for E.T. (and shots for Jrue). Turner's shot has been off since the preseason but "teach me how to" Doug Collins will likely feed Van-Turn minutes a plenty in the absence of the Dala.

Derrick Favors: In a shocking piece of urgent news: Carmelo is rumored to be on the trading block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If in Denver, Favors would claim the minutes occupied by cripples K-Mart (B.A.Y.B.), Birdman and Sheldon Williams' giant forehead. He's halfway decent if he gets 25min or so.

Wes Johnson: Has at times looked like the second coming of the matrix, but mostly has looked like a rookie on a brutal team. Wes keeps it real. That's why he dropped the "ley". Although his p.t. is down this month due to Kurt Rambi's bouts of delirium (dnp last night), the wolves have nothing to gain this year but epic Love stat-lines and playing experience for their youth.

Al-Farouq Aminu: Due to the advanced "blackness" of his name, Alf has been buried behind Ryan Gomes upon the order of team owner/supreme racist and heckler extraordinaire Donald Sterling. The movie Crash taught us that all it takes to beat bigotry in L.A. is murderous police officers, Mexican locksmiths and fiery car crashes to ease tensions. Watch list him just in case.

Ed Davis: Love this kid, dunking and swatting shots like Antonio Davis back in the day. As we all know Bargs is allergic to rebounds, so the Raps front court can use the much needed support. E.D. has dub-doubled in every game he's played 30min. Reggie Evan's return is looming but since Reggie is pretty much a horrible basketball player, Dysfunction should continue to play.

Gary Neal: Undrafted thrice-point specialist, a modern Bruce Bowen who doesn't punch people in the groin. Dropped 5 thrices in a game this year thrice fold despite averaging only 18min. Will there be more p.t. to come as R.J. crawls back into his shell?

Luke Harangody: Just kidding.

Paul George: Despite of, and also due to the omnipresent madness of Jimb-O-Brians' roster changes, Pauly G is worth a gander in deep leagues. He's a freak, and his 36pers are nice.


  1. Eric Bledsoe, don't forget about that cat!

  2. Haha, You posted a pic of Landy Fields and didn't include him

  3. Advanced blacknesss of his name hahhah