Monday, December 20, 2010

Kleiza Babaaby!!!

Sam Mitchell 3:16
"Kleiza came to Ed Davis with a message from Jay Triano, death and a sore Italian ankle were known to man. 3 had become 4, and 5, Linas had taken to the inception and was cursed to be unearthed where Jose Calderon and Jared Bayless did not dwell together"

So it shall be written, so it shall be done. LA is just too big for the Raps, but there just one of many teams that monopolize the paint against Toronto on the reg. Bargnani, whose not exactly the Randy Moller of rebounds in the first place (the so-called center is averaging just 5.8), hit the sidelines on the day of the lord to rest his sore ankle, clearing the way for another ball busting performance by Linas Kleiza. I use the term performance loosely, after all, we are talking about the Raps. Nonetheless he did drop a healthy 26-10-2 with 4 treys. 36 minutes later and 2 double figure rebound games for the Lithuanian, and everybody (well, some people.... maybe just us at the bear.... OK fine, maybe just me) starts referring to him as the best rebounder the Raptors have ever seen. A bold statement, but Nani made me say it.

The only question I have is, "does Kleiza have what it takes to be a fantasy impact on more productive teams? Or is he the next Reggie Evans?"

Maybe one day someone will write a basketball blog that delivers answers, rather than raise self indulgent questions. Maybe I'll start Kleiza in my head 2 head league this week? I'll wait to see what that blog has to say.
Look at this sweet move he used to pull all the time in the Euro's.

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