Friday, December 3, 2010


Ilysova balls out for Turkey in light of the annual American slaughter, Larry Sanders... really?

Over the last week Milwaukee lames Ersan Ilyasova and rookie Larry Sanders have ranked in the top 50, ahead of fantasy Juggernauts Bron-Bron, Crash and J-Smitz. While this isn't the first time the Turkish Delight has tickled the fantasy community, Larry appeared out of oblivion to post a near pts/rebs/blks triple double (14-10-8) on the Nuggets. TRUE, the p.t. was due to injuries to starting bigmen Bogut and Gooden, but BoGo have proven to be injury riddled invalids throughout thier careers. Ers has put in 14 and 9 with roughly 2 tres 2 stls and a blk on average last week, and is Mos Def a must play as long as he gets minutes. Sadly for Mr. Sanders the Ozzy may return this weekend, making him watchlist material.

In other news, Wesley Mathews continues to punish Nic Batum owners to the tune of 23pts 3tres, 2stl/blks and 50% from the floor as a starter. Those owning Batum should fight the urge to hang themselves with their belt, use a rope so your pants don't fall down.

Elsewhere vanilla bean Josh McRoberts has quietly been roto-balling, over his last 5 games he has amassed 20 blks/stls/tres to just 2 tos. In comparison, J.J. Hickson has 12 blk/stl/tres to 38 turn overs this year.

Tyson Chandler is shooting 67-80% on the season and credits Brian Cardinal as his inspiration.
Andris Biedrins followed up 4 straight double digit reb performances (including a monster 28 and 21 vs the grizz) with 4pts and 3rebs. He's shooting 30% from the line and is wildly inconsistent as is the custom in Latvia.

Joe aka 16 Million is out 4-6 weeks, smile if you own Jamal Crawford.

Lastly, a warning to J.J. Hickson.. I am coming to kill you. I am going to eat your heart with a nice glass of chianti.

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