Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brook Lopez double-doubles in Triple OT

Fantasy Community rejoices!

Brooklyn had yet to achieve a double digit rebound and scoring effort this season. What the fuck? He's ranked about 50-60th best fantasy player depending on who you ask and is making those managers that took Kevin Love, Joakim Noah or Elton Brand as there C 1 look pretty fucking suave. Brookie is still taking about 6 shots a game from the charity stripe on a very efficient 84%, blocking almost 2 shots a game and scoring at a career high clip, so what gives? Why the fuck did it take a triple over time where his main competition for rebounds was Russel Westbrook? Is it Kris Humphries? Is Kris Humphries really that amazing at rebounding? (He is actually! 11.7 boards per game in 12 starts this year. Eat a bag of dicks Reggie Evans!) With Lopez reaching Bargnani esq levels of glass cleaning, the question is whether he will pick it up or drop to 3rd round material in our hearts. Here is a list of SFs out boarding him:

Rudy Gay 6.6
Luol Deng 6.7
Jeff Green 6.7
Martin Lawrence 6.8
Andre Igoudala 6.7
Gerald Wallace 8.0
Carmelo Anthony 8.3

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