Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Round 2, Pick 21

21. Melo

Ahh, Carmelo Anthony, a cold, wet drink of water in a dusty hot desert. Melo has it all, points, boards, all star appearances, mediocre playoff runs, trade rumors, a wife, kids, a mortgage, 8 cars and apparantley an upcoming reality TV show. So we figured fuck it, lets pair em' with Danny. Obviously putting points on the board won't be a problem for these 2 youngins (combined age of 53 only!!! thats less than Mutumbo). In the wake of such headline stealing media beasts like the big 3 in Miami and the scandal artists in LA, Melo often gets over looked. That is to say, overlooked by almost everyone except the big bellied fat cats pushing pens and signing his checks (you apparantley saw that right, Zach Randolph, Kirilenko and the injury plagued Michael Redd make more cash, but Melo's reality show should cover the difference). I could ramble on, you know Carmelo is gonna score frenetically, and is usually good for some boards. Yahoo puts him at 12 overall, and he fell to 21 here, so get on that. After all, Melo's a human being goddammit! His fantasy game has value!

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