Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Round 1, Pick 4

4. Danny Granger

Glad to take the park ranger...

While many owners have been put off by d-range's consistently inconsistent health over the past two seasons (62 and 67 games played in 09-10 and 08-09, respectively), I have taken a much more positive outlook for the 27 year old Matrix Reloaded.

Everyone knows Danny's a beast. A physically gifted baller who can run the floor, finish strong, drain 6+ FTs at 90%+, D-up fierce, and spread the floor by shooting with less conscience than the Schutzstaffel. Here's a few things about DG you might not know...

  • Over the past 3 seasons Granger had more combined 3s + stls + blks than the likes of Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Dirk, KD, CP, D12... (in 07-08 Josh Smith had 4.6 combined to Grangers 4.5, in the following two seasons, not even close)

  • In each of the past 3 seasons, his season high rebounding games came with Troy Murphy out of the lineup (Surprised?? Well, yea, I guess thats not a shocker, but a 1-2 rpg boost doesnt hurt anyones value).

  • The best point guard DGs played alongside...Jamaal Tinsley

  • Next best...Earl Watson

  • ...Seriously

  • Darren Collison was born in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. (just had to throw that in somewhere)

  • He's smart as fuck. Was awarded a partial scholarship to Yale, played at Bradley before transfering to New Mexico where he finished his civil engineering degree. Go LOBOS!!

Feel a little more informed?? It's ok if you answered no, I'm not here to fucking impress you.

I'm ready for something special outta Danny-boy. Hes the clearcut #1 option on a shit team with a nucleus of nothing more than a great swingman and a young and talented PG and C. As long as he's on the court, he'll be a top 5 fantasy player with the potential to be the best fantasy option in the NBA.


  1. "im not here to fucking impress u"
    simply amazing...well done!

  2. easy on the kitten pics. PETA's gonna come after you.

  3. the cat picks were purely a marketing ploy to attract steve