Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ryan Ahoff might still find fantasy relevence in Rasheed Wallace.....

....but I don't. Now, obscure Canadian speed metal references aside, the Sheed of 2010 is cutting no where near the amount of mustard the Celtics had planned on for they're dynasty sandwich. Joining the 6th man club severely diminished blocking for Sheed, and although his averages indicate 1.1 steals per, its never worth it to play him everyday for the other unbelievably poor stats that creep out of nowhere. Although Yahoo still ranks him generously and 62% of lost souls are still apparantley starting him in roto leagues, it seems Sheedy-Pants' fantasy game has gone the way of the dodo bird, potentially due to lack of shape (weight gain). Video killed the radio star, and if you ask me, potato chips and big macs killed Rasheed's relevence.

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