Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nice Work Luis Scola!

Call my crazy but Will Bynum looks like a baller. He was putting up some nice games back in November when Detroit was giving him 30 minutes a night and last night he put up a very pg-like 16/7 with 4 to's.....It was battle of the two undisputed, unquestionably best big men in the league in in DC last night as Dwight Howard put up a muscular 28/15 while Andray Blatche dropped 32 on Dwighty.........Jr Smith blacked out and woke up to find he'd shot 7-10 from deep against the Memphis grizzled. Going for 30 is old news for JR, but surprisingly only the second time he's done it this season.....TONEY DOUGLAS is a roster go from now on, as evidence by his box score, he's promised to never turn the ball over ever. ever ever......Luis Scola's Argentinian prayers were answered in the form of 20-25 shooting from the floor to go with some nice peripherals. He finished with beastly 44 and 12......Travis Outlaw got 40 minutes of run last night vs the Spurs and he should be a solid contributer for the rest of the year, pulling out a modest 17/6/ the same game and the same vein, George Hill has been a rock for the spurs and continues to impress by playing the point like a big boy for Gregg pop. He been doing about 16 pts, 5 assts in march while turning the ball over a whole 0.7 TIMES A GAME!......
And finally, the Rapts and the We Believes did there no defense thing in Oakland allowing for some eye-popping lines...Steph Curry had 35/10 dimes with 5 three's.... Monta dropped 31 with 5 three's and Jose "Spanish date farmer" Calderon dub-dubbed with 24/12 and and a very accurate 7 three's.

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  1. Louise Scola, least attractive woman in the entire WNBA.