Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice Work, Josh Boone!

Boone goes the dynamite! After receiving some sketchy starts early in the year highlighted by 25 + minutes in December, then potentially getting injured or lost in the woods or something, Oscar Joshua "Josh" Boone has fallen back into favor in the garden state. He's been starting the last 5 games for Kiki Vanderboone, while accomplishing almost nothing. Until last nights beefy 13 point, 20 rebound double trouble performance against the Hot City Hawks, who have been fucking rolling lately. Looking back @ some of Oscar's games over the years, bros been reasonably effective as a starter with avg's of 8/8, 54% from the floor, 1.1 blocks and a ft% that would make Dwight Howard blush. Should the Nyets trade/fire/kill Brook Lopez and hand the keys over to Booner? I'm giving the 100% on this one.

1 comment:

  1. Nyets need both centers just to not get killed on the boards like they have been the whole season. Doesn't matter much though, the new owner's going to clean house soon as the season ends.