Thursday, March 18, 2010

NBA players on the cusp of the 3's/Stls/Blks Club

This years offenders who are in the club:

Lebron James: 1.8 3's, 1.7 stls, 1.1 blks

Dwyane Wade: 1 3, 1.9 stls, 1 blk

Well that list was no fun! Instead of lame-ass Lebron James and Flash Wade and there boring stat-lines, lets have a looksee @ the multitude of players on the brink of the ol' 1/1/1 club shall we?

Kevin Durant: He done it in February, but holds on to season numbers of 1.5 3's, 1.3 stls, 0.9 blks.

Danny Granger: He did it the last two years, and unfortunately this season has been a bit of a downer for bat-Dan, injury wise. He, like Durantula, is just a few blocks shy of le club with 2.5 3's, 1.5 stls and 0.9 blks

Andre Igoudala: This monster is experiencing a career high in blocks right now, but that still sets him short with 1.1 3's, 1.7 stls, 0.7 blks

Shane Battier: Although Assault and Battier has been a largely unspectacular fantasy player for his career, relying mostly on efficiency rather then gaudy supporting stats, he's been in the club once (two years ago) and has come within 0.5 every single year in the league! Astounding Shane. This year it's his steals that have left him a little dry with 1.5 3's, 0.8 stls and 1.2 blks.

Jeff Green: Jeffy has managed to keep his To's down a little this year while averaging 1.2 3's, 1.2 stls and 0.9 blks. The Pippen to Durants Jordan should be a healthy contributer to the club when he hits his prime in a few years.

Rudy Gay: a member 3 years ago, Rudyards 3 point attempts have dropped by 2.2 since his club year, forcing him into 0.8 3's, 1.5 stls and 0.9 blks.

Sheedmo Wallace: Old news right? The old stalwart is doing 1.1, 1.1 and 0.8 blks.

other notables: Baron Davis (0.4 blocks away), Gerald Wallace (0.3 3's away), Danillio Gallinari (0.4 combined stls/blks away) and Marcus Camby (1.0 3's away)

Next up we take a look @ C's who shoot 3's. Is Anthony Tolliver the real deal? Will Spencer Hawes ever realize his range is poor @ best? Will yahoo ever revoke Eduardo Najeras center eligibility? Our readers weigh in!

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