Thursday, March 18, 2010

As Tyreke Evans swept clean the earth....

A few things to consider real quick as Tyreke continues to play like the next D-Wade, first off, will he invite me to b-list celebrity weed parties at his future sex condo? Do I have what it takes??

Second, everybody give a big round of applause to our newest, youngest fantasy cub Reignfan! We're all excited to read a shit-ton of his pro Josh Smith propaghanda. Who wouldn't be?

Aaron Brooks, thats who. He's too busy focusing on going 7-7 from behind the arc while Scola keeps given er' hell trying to get noticed for something other than his ghastly mug (20pts, 7rebs, 9-21).

Darren auto body & glass Collison repair was practically giving the ball away last night but still managed 20-14-6 while putting the rock in David West's trustworthy hands numerous times.

And finally, Stan 'Le Tigre' Van Gundy must have shit his pants last night. He's happy as punch with Vinsanity these days (oooohhh la la, thats minimal to's baby). And while Dwighty was sub par against the 'Pop & Spurs', the purple polish hammer Gortat made use of his 22 minutes with 7pts, 10 boards, anna steal anna block. Not bad Gorty, better than what those shit weasels from San Antonio were doing (Bogans & Roger fucking Mason) who combined for 5 points and terrible percentages.

And thats it for today folks, do we have a picture?

Ahhh, there we go.

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