Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rasual anyone?

Yes please! I'd gladly sign up for 4 3ptm a game on an almost regular basis. Don't believe me? No one ever does, check his game log, he's put back 24 bangers from behind the arc so far in february. Not too mention almost a block a game this month as well. Now Sualio, as I call him, is a tricky devil, I have tearfully watched him lose his mind from the 3point line many many nights as he sat on my bench, then when the odds and averages seemed in my favor i'd throw him in the starting lineup for jack shit. Next night, 4 3ptm, 1 stl, 1 blk. And the dance continues. With Travis Outlaw touching down in Los Angeles soon, Sualio's minutes are expected to be affected, surely his production will too. But please my friends and loyal followers, heed my word, play this specialist asap! Play him tonight! Don't get wrapped up in the same vortex of misplays that I did.

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