Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get Fucked, Tony Parker!

You goosed me Tony! You goosed me hard this year. With a pre-draft rank of around 60-70 this year going into drafts, TP looked like a potential steal. A 20 point per game scorer with enough assists to make an impact and FG% worthy of a C. Never mind that the "overrated" tag was beginning to be associated with his fantasy game. Never mind that the nagging injuries had been piling up over the last 3 seasons, I felt good about Tony this year. He was coming off a 72 game campaign with avg's of 22/6.9 and 50% from the floor and when my number got called in the middle of the fifth round I felt good about adding him to my big ball team. It was him, Jason Terry or Russel Westbrook. sigh. Playing basketball is hard though, so I guess it's me who should really get fucked.

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