Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Fuck!

The Fantasy season is over! No Fucking Way! Thanks for the update! You lost all your leagues? Should have listened to the bear and picked up Tyler Hansborough when he was still a fetus. Now What? What the fuck do you think? The bear grabs a big ass bottle of smooth tasting liquor and fucks off to a hole in the base of the biggest tree in Sherwood forest, robbing from the rich and dishing fantasy advice to the poor all winter. Aside from handing out shitty end of season fantasy awards, there is not a whole lot left to talk about as far as fantasy basketball is concerned. We are done updating until summer. We are also done getting paid in unmarked fish heads. Next year it's gotta be perch or higher. Tell your parents you need fish for school then send it care of:

Fantasy Basketbear
A Big Ass Cave
The Woods

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