Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facts and Fables, Part 1A

Fable: Reality is perception.

Not in fantasy land it isn't
; case and point #32 for the Clips and #2 for the Wiz. The parrot at my Granny's old folks home could tell you Blake and John (who are both on a first name basis with the Bear) are epic freak athletes who are going to run shit in the NBA long after David Stern's corpse is found in a dumpster behind 7-Eleven. That's the reality. The perception is that John and Blake are fantasy beasts as well. WRONG! Johnny's season average ranks just in front of Miami's Mario and Mike, and right behind Tony Douglas and Daniel Gibson. Nobody wants to be behind Tony Douglas, Roger Mason clearly hates his life. Same ish for Blake. Grant Hill, Tard Lewis and Thaddeus Young (althought they are 3s with PF eligibility) all rank higher than Gryffindor. If anyone actually drafted Chuck Hayes ahead of Blake, as the rankings would suggest you should have, I will get on my knees and **** your ****.

Fact: Triple doubles > wins in Washington.

First Andray tried, then Javale succeeded. Ja-raff was so overjoyed about his numbers he got a T for his victory pull-up, although the Wiz weren't victorious. Blatche's near t-dub gave the Wiz a rare W, to his great despair.

Fable: I will not buy into Marcus Thornton next year after he fantasy-fucked so many nice people in 10/11.

The guy just needs minutes. Fuck his individual defense or lack thereof, that's why you have Sammy D on the block. His numbers in March: 39min 23-3-3-2-2 on close to 50%fg and 80%ft. What the crap?

Fact:I love Chuck Hayes, I'm not just saying that because I'm drunk.

Chuckwagon is a 6'6 center who D's up hard in reality, and is constantly making me smile in fantasy. Apparently I'm not the only one who feels that way, this demented crackpot put "The Wagon" on his top 50 bubble while the likes of Marc Gasol and Andrew Bogut dropped out of favor. 30pts 26rebs 8dimes 7stl/blk for Chucky in his last 2.

Fact or Fable toss-up:

-If Julain Assange gets booked in Sweden, the Bear may become more politically conscious.
-One month would be enough time before the Bear begins to make Japanese nuclear references.

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