Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday 5 : Beards of the NBA

It's Sunday, were all hung over, you can't spell beard without Bear, Peyton Hillis is more important to Cleveland now than Lebron ever was, I can't stomach anything but potato chips right now and It's looking like I'm just rambling on about the first thoughts that come to my head. Shit, this might not go well.. Lets have a look at some classic beards.

1.James Harden
He's always had a thick beard, thick like Baron's and certainly more stylish than this. The only thing thicker is James' deep threat potential. Like if he potentially hit all 7 treys he attempted Friday vs the Raps rather than just 3. But seriously Nov 20th he started and logged just under 40 min and respectfully buried 6 of 8 from deep, achieving his season high in pts (23).

2.Baron Davis

Shaved his beard (presumably.... maybe allegedly... maybe not at all....definitely not) and flaked out of Fantasy GM's favor this year by missing time with a knee-jerk injury and putting up downright shitty lines thus far.

3. Jamal Crawford
By now, everyone has heard that Joe Johnson will miss 4-6 while on vacation, and I don't really know about you, but I own Joe Joe in multiple leagues and had an aneurysm when I heard. Since then Jamal has increased his playing time by about 4 minutes per game and has still not managed a starting spot, but did grow this sweet beard....

Wait.. thats not a... well never mind. Speaking of chest hair, this will give you some.

4. Drew Gooden
Well, that beard just looks fuckin stupid. Drew Gooden eh... lets see, minimalist PF/C stats and a plane jane excitability factor when watching him. Sigh... I'm just reaching now.

5.Khloe Kardashian
Perhaps the most prominent of all NBA beards, is Lamar Odom's. Gay rumors (and truths) would cripple Lamar, and Fantasy GM's want nothing less than the 15.3 pts, 10.3 rebs, 3.5 asts and combined 2.5 for blk/stl/3ptm. The Lakes are focused on a 3rd straight championship, and that's where Lamar's head needs to be at, so we here at the Bear are giving a last shoutout to possibly the most effective beard in the NBA, Kim Kardashian's less attractive sister. Let's get a quick look at Kim.

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