Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reggie Williams VS. The World

Well, the inconsistent, non-blog worthy, Kris Humphries envying, Don Nelson fearing D-league'r is back, at least for one glorious night. Steph Curr went down early with more ankle troubles, clearing the way for the last bit of Nellie's sanity to fly away like a plastic Safeway bag in Hurricane Katrina style winds. But something else happened, something obscene, and I don't mean Tony Parker's defense. Reggie Williams cracked open the foundation of the earth and reigned fire from the heavens (in Lehman's terms, he drained 8 big ones from downtown and totalled a career high 31 pts on 68.8% shooting). Reggie hates Steph Curr, because he's younger, faster, better and Don Nelson favors him. Williams will always be a cheap source of treys, but as proven last night the situation can easily spiral out of control into the career high realm when Curry goes down and the minutes are there. Unfortunately, starters sidelined or not, Nellie is still bat shit crazy when handing out minutes, but he's got a sweet Bear-Belly, so we'll forgive him.

Do you think he understands a word Donny is saying?


  1. haha, Kim Kardashian must love rebounds

  2. what the fuck? I thought you had to work today? Let's get drunk and discuss Darren Collisons horrid A/T ratio