Friday, October 15, 2010

Round 3, Pick 31

31. Darren " Michael" Collison
(Joins Mamba and Al-Jeff)
The bear is definitely drankin the kool aid on this one. Koh-ben-jeff wanna pg, and instead of harp on a bunch of bullshit (maybe don't click on that last link) as to why you most definitely want Mr. Collins on your squad, allow me to simply direct you to some split stats. Of note, his "as starter" numbers. Since TJ Ford is presumed to be trapped in a Chilean mine for the rest of his life, it's safe to say that Dar-co.... wait that sounds awful, let's go with DMC, yeah, is going to lock down 36-42 min a game and thus ball outta control.


  1. Collison ahead of Joe Johnson? Love it

  2. Hey - what are your thoughts on Darren Collison versus Jrue Holiday? I feel like Jrue Holiday might be a beast. He's a had a much better preseason than Darren ... Who do you think goes 1st?

  3. Both excellent breakout guard this year. Collison is gonna be at worst a 3rd option on the Pacers and Jrue has seemingly been given the starting job in Philly. His triple-double the other night was overtime assisted, but I still love his post all-star #s of 12/5.5 with 2.5+ steals/3s. I can see 15/6 and 3+ steals/3s this year. Love em both, can't choose.