Monday, October 11, 2010

Round 3, Pick 29

29. Al Horford
(Joins The Dallas Connection )

In desperate need of some youth to balance out the oldsters, filling the C spot with Big Gay Al and his defensive stats (combined 2) and projected 14/10 up front (ala Josh Smith if he was slower, more gangly and balder) is exactly what Mark Cuban would have done too. We're feeling pretty good taking Horford here because his girlfriend is hot, his mom looks exactly like him (I tried to locate a photographic comparison but didn't have the funds or doctrines to achieve such a new level of creepiness) and by next pick we'll mostly be looking at PF/C's like Bogut(scoff), Lamarcus, and maybe Antawn Jamison? Eww, I just vomited a little.

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