Monday, September 6, 2010

Round 1, Pick 8


First it was 'D-Wade', then we called him 'Flash', we called him 'Champion' in 2006, 'Olympian' in 2008, then 'Marijuana Sex Condo' last year, a brief stint as "Sex Condo", and now we've shortened it to simply 'Condo.'
Since the 04'-05' season the points have been abundant, he's always been unafraid to steal the ball, he evens stops short with an average of 1 block per game on his career. There's always been concern about the turnovers, the sly goose averages just a slice under 4 per game (3.71 to's), although with the breathy selection of scoring options under Miami's 'Big 3 Regime', Condo could keep those tricky handouts to a minimum. Of course that would come at the cost of less touches on the court. Does this mean more touches off the court? I'm still looking up the address of that elusive Condo.

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