Saturday, September 4, 2010

Round 1, Pick 6

6. Steph Curry

Team 6 is gonna be a miserable cunt and pass on the more veteran and arguably safer Wades, Kobes and Pows for an injection of fantasy youth. Steph balled like it was stolen last year culminating in an explosive orgasm of an April, posting a line of 26pts/8assts/6rebs with a combined 5.7 stls/3s package! A golden, dripping, Don Nelson infested package that was so thick and rich you could eat it on toast. The talent is not the worry of course. The question marks surrounding the warriors are every ones main concern. Who is gonna give up shots to David Lee? Could Don Nelson force Steph to play center? How will the absence of Ronny Turiaf affect the GS offence? Our experts say not at all and they sign my cheques so I'm inclined to agree. Team 6 is looking like a savvy youth oriented squad with good looks to spare and balls to match.

Next up: Team 7 surprises our panel of sexperts by selecting little known d-league project Jeff Trepagnier!

1 comment:

  1. Way, way wrong. Too fragile. Major injury will cut into this promising gaurd's playing time. That or food poisoning.