Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post Easter Fantasy Hate/ Love

In the spirit of this last weekend and for the remainder of the season, Lincoln High's fictional superstar (yours truly) will be blogging about 3 you should bury, 3 you should resurrect, and 1 baller who you should fear the impeding return of. Let's get it.

EAT THE CORN! (fantasy love/ resurrect):

Andrew Bogut: the former #1 pick has an average rank of 21 on the season, and has been putting up big man numbers like he should. Second only to D12 in blocks, Bognuts blocked 2.5 to go along with 16pts and 10rebs while shooting .520 from the field. This year he stepped it up and found some consistency, and he's one of the major reasons the Bucks were decent(?) to watch this year. I'm buying next year, this Auzzie has the juice to make fantasy freaks (and emos) across the globe cut themselves.

Steph Curry: wow, really, the boy killed it at Davidson but he's still just a boy.... WRONG. When a rook pg finds himself sandwiched between Chauncey and Deron in average ranking, take notice. His roto game is precise: nice %s, almost 4 stls-tres a game, and 16-4-6 to round it off. Get some, plain and simple.

Marcus Thornton: in a nutshell this guy is everything that we imagined Ben Gordon could be. He's a great scoring 2 guard, decent %s and big time 3s. His season high in pts is 37 and he's hit 6 treys in a contest. Oh and he's a rookie. Oh and he's hardly played beside CP3. So, you probably shouldn't sleep on the kid.

DO NOT TOUCH WITH A TEN FOOT CLOWN POLE! (fantasy hate/ bury):

Jose Calderon: get used to seeing Raptors in this space.. Last year Jose promised the fantasy world a defenseless yet hyper efficient roto game. No dice. Jarret jacked his minutes, but even for a platoon situation his numbers are bullshit. No one expected him to shoot from the line like he did last year, but his ft % has dropped by 18. In 27 min this year he has averaged 6 dimes, 3 years ago he averaged 5 dimes in 21min. That is not progress. That is making a monkey out of Brian Colangelo after he paid you.. How do you say douche bag in spanish?

Elton Brand: part of this is me living in the past, that's when EB was a 20-10 and 2 guarantee or in fantasy terms: big man GOLD. After 2 injury riddled years some of us (at least I did) thought EB might be back with a vengeance... maybe not with a Bruce Willis level of vengeance, but at least with more vengeance than that mac pushing joker from the most recent die hard. These days Elton couldn't sell an iphone to a preschooler and is averaging career lows in pts, rebs, and blks. The sun has almost set.

Chris Duhon: ok, we all knew from the giddy up that his ceiling was low, but being a coach's pet in the D'Antoni system comes with a certain set of expectations, like being rosterable in fantasy leagues. But no. I'm pretty sure Duhon has been using his sense of smell to aim his jumper this year. Check the gamelog lowlites: he has hit 20% or less of his field goals IN 19 GAMES THIS YEAR!!! WHAT IN THE FUCK???

NO RUBBER, SHOULD YOU BONE? (impending fear/ risky sex: you could get burned, or have the greatest time of your life):

Gilbert Arenas: seven mack 11s, about eight 38s, nine 9s ten mack 10s the shit never ends.... It's been about 3 years since hibachi was known as the ballsy, dead eye, back breaking (basketball) shooter he once was. Injuries and legalities have kept him from being an elite level fantastar. But with some jail/halfway house down time, a hollowed out Wiz squad, and a new number agent 6 is poised to fire at will once again. You're rolling the dice, but the dividends could be major. Once again here is the metaphor: you know the girl at the bar is down, you know she's a potentially infectious hoe, you know your outta jimmy-hats (in the words of humpty hump)... question is, do you do the humpty dance?

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