Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Running Scared : Iguodala in 2010

We know you want out of Philly but dont do us like this Iggy. Shooting way below his means, especially from downtown (1 for 19 in the last 4 games, yikes), this isnt typical play from a player whose trying to get other teams interested.

Let's talk Jeff Green for a second, I like em, how about you? He's lookin to sign an extension with OKC and I think thats swell. With all the hot young talent they got over there, especially with Jeffy G lathering the stat sheet with his season high recently, they might as well drag Nick Collison out onto the streets and shoot him.

And finally Derrick Rose is expected to miss his 2nd straight game with a wrist injury. Is James Johnson gonna get ignorant again? We hope so! Heres looking at you James!

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  1. Kirk Hinrich suspended points to James Johnson fuck fest of playing time.