Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keepers : Build your Dynasty

Well, theres a little over a month left in regular season play, the majority of fantasy trade deadlines have passed and most waiver wires are looking grim. Those of us in keeper leagues know that now is the time for executive decisions to be made. Tough decisions, hurtful decisions.... sexy decisions.

Im not gonna waste anytime talking about the obvious keepers like Lebron James (aka Bron Bron) or Chris 'doesnt want to ball as long as i'm his GM' Paul, or even Dwyane 'invite me to one of your condo sex parties' Wade. We all know the no-brainers. I thought taking a look at some hot young upcoming studs would be useful.

Brandon Jennings might have a hateble hair style and maybe even personality in general, but averaging almost 16 points and 6 assists a game (not to mention almost a steal and a half per) while puttin in 33 minutes a game looks pretty good to me. Some work needs to be done with his field goal but thats what next year is for. This hyper active Twitter abuser could easily push aside guards like Mo Williams, Jason Terry or Calderon (i know some of you kept him) on your dynasty roster.

The same positive synopsis could easily be concluded of guards like Russell Westbrook (except tack on rebounds as an added bonus), Aaron Brooks or Stephen Curry.

Looking for a high scoring forward? Forget KG and Elton Brand this year, you want to sink your teeth into LaMarcus Aldridge. Shakey from late december through january, but thick and commited, Aldridge is on his way to a 20-10 average with a handful of assists & steals. And lets face it, he's just so fun to watch.

And now, the illusive spot, the big C. Marc "the future" Gasol came out of nowhere (Pau's shadow?) this year with major fantasy viability. Averaging a block and a half plus a steal per, as well as 15 pts and just shy of 60% from the field, they called him Mini-Pau, although he's actually an inch taller. His rebounding efforts are without question, it almost seems like he and Zach Randolph are the only two players boarding in Memphis at all. In fact, Marc is almost a Mini-Zach too, except his defensive contributions are much more noticable and effective. There doesnt seem to be any possible reason why his production would slow down in any catagory, in fact I'd bank on it going through the roof.

A few notable keeper worthy centers I can't resist mentioning are Bogut whose gay ass hair doesnt do his beefy game justice. Al Horford (but you probably already kept him this year), Spencer Hawes ( and your only doin it for the boards and blocks, but you gotta get em somewheres), Roy Hibbert (i like this guy), Kevin Love and Luis Scola.

And although certain players might serve you well and take you on a few hot steamy one night flings throughout the year, we all have 'Do Not Keep' lists. Heres a few degenerates I have on mine:

Greg Oden
Michael Redd
Jose Calderon
Jason 'old as shit' Kidd
Shawn Marion
Stephen Jackson
Jameer Nelson
Blake Griffen (yeah i said it)
Tony Parker
Paul Millsap
Jason Terry
Tyrus Thomas
Lamar Odom

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