Saturday, February 27, 2010

The art of the Triple Double

Somebody had to fill in the 16 shots a game Caron Butler has been taking for the Mavs last night and it was non other than Jason "old as shit" Kidd. While Tuff Juice was sitting out for straw chewing:
Old man Kidd played like his balls were on fire posting a 19/17/16 triple double on the way to a Mavs win versus the Hawks. This is actually Jason's first trip-dub of the season leaving him a bit shy of the pace he set two years ago when he finished with 14 on the year, and unlikely he'll touch the 38 more he need to catch Magic Johnson on the all-time list. Anyway, I think its painfully obvious that Lebron is the new master of the t-Dub, but lets look @ who's posted one so far this year eh?

Lebron James:
He's come within 1 assist or 1 rebound or both about a dozen times this season, posted one ho-hum TB (23/11/12) and two spectacular lines (34/10/16) and (43/15/13).

Rojon Rondo:
I'm actually a little surprised that Ragin' Rono has only T-Dubbed once this season, a 22/13/10 effort against the Rapts back in January

Josh Smith: vs CHI 18/10/14

Russel Westbrook: @ MIN 22/14/10

Steph Curry: Massive effort by the rookie just before the all-star break checking in @ a guerilla 36/13/10

Darren Collison: vs.IND 18/13/12

Baron Davis: @MEM 27/12/12

Chris Paul; @HOU 16/10/11

Has someone else scaled the wall this year? Hit me up if in the comments if you think they got the tools to do so.

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  1. staring through the eyes of the drunk horror show i have come across a few border liners:

    marc gasol
    andre miller
    joe johnson
    david lee