Friday, December 10, 2010

NBA Fantasy: Are these guys real?

Suprise! Dorrel Wright is the greatest 3 point marksmen since Steve Kerr, Tyson Chandler is an 80% FT shooter and Wilson Chandler is blocking the ball like Bill Russel. I remember reading last year how Gerald Wallace's 2.2 rebounds per game jump was one of the greatest statistical anomalies of all time. So who is it this year? Who's doing things that they have simply no right in doing? Wright, Chandler and Chandler are all good starts, so let's have a look at some others that are balling out of fantasy control and if they are for real or not:

1. Rudy Gay

Rudy is currently setting career highs in points, blocks, assists, FT%, FG%, 3PT%, minutes pr game and rebounds. And probably some other categories I'm not familiar with like TS% and usage. ( I checked, his True Shooting % is at an all time high but his usage% is about par for the career) Basketball Monster has him at 11th overall on the year, but not projected to stay in the top 15 for the rest of the season. While the bear loves Rudy and feels he's just the right size for the Superbowl, we can't also help but feel that an all-time high in minutes and efficiency won't last forever. His %'s are likely to come down.

2. Brook Lopez

Lopez is lost in a sea of Russian Billionaires and comic-con back-alley handjobs. His rebounds have dipped from 8.7 last year to 6.2 this year. The FG% is down to 44% while his blocks have hovered around 1 and a halfer. He's still one of the best big men from the stripe doing 80% on nearly 7 tries a game. So what gives? Nothing really, the guy has just been in a bit of funk. With the NJ Nyets not really having a whole lot of offense outside of him and Devin Harris (sorry I forgot about Anthony Morrow, he's sooo good), he's been the focal point of more defenses and his effectiveness around the rim has taken a hit. Expect his numbers to re-align with his career avg's around the all-star break.

3. Raymond Felton

Sweet Ray is tasting career highs in points, steals, 3PTM, FT%, FG%, assists, rebounds and over all quality of life. Unlike Chris Duhon, who happened to find himself in the middle of a little New York fantasy magic a few years ago, Felton can most likely with stand 75+ games of D'antoni "Fun and Gun" as he is the proud owner of 78+ games every year he's played so far. No need to sell high on this cunt. Stay the course.

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